Security - Essential 8 - Microsoft 365

Linktech Australia

Existing Microsoft 365 tenants to assess against Essential 8 and remediate any findings identified within the context of the customers business or business looking at a starting point for ISO 27001

Linktech Australia's Essential 8 assessment and remediation for Microsoft 365 is taking into consideration changes with service features within the Microsoft 365 SaaS platform, threat and risk vectors to provide a point in time assessment and remediation for Microsoft 365 tenant services.

This is valuable for a customer to determine if the existing foundations and readiness of the service moving forward and to look at Endpoint Management benefits in the future to add depth and breadth for a holistic security mitigation approach. To utilise the features available in Microsoft 365 Business Premium online services should be configured against a measurable security baseline.

Center for Internet Security (CIS) key areas of focus are listed below:
  • Access Control
  • Passphrasess
  • Backup of key information
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Employee Training

This Assessment and Remediation will follow the below high-level engagement plan.

  • Kick-off
    • Introductions, stakeholders, and engagement timeline
  • Assessment
    • Assessment of Microsoft 365 environment created
    • Walkthrough of Assessment findings and potential issues
    • Assist with Change Control and Communication inputs
  • Remediate
    • Within change windows deploy identified and agreed remediation activities
  • Assessment Report re-run
    • Assessment of Microsoft 365 environment created
    • Walkthrough of Assessment improvements
    • Recommendations for further security improvements
  • Close
    • Next steps and or extra recommendations

The Customer MUST have a Microsoft 365 Business Premium license, if none are available Linktech Australia can provide them at extra cost.

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