SmartStart for Intune

Mobile Mentor

The SmartStart for Intune workshop will help you showcase the value of Microsoft 365, leading with Microsoft Intune to manage and secure users’ devices, apps, and identities from anywhere.

Learning any technology is challenging. And learning a technology that is constantly changing is even harder. There’s a steep learning curve ahead to master security, management, and compliance of cloud-managed endpoints. Beyond the technology, you also need to migrate to your end users, and take your leadership on the journey.

Fortunately, the SmartStart for Intune Workshop is a proven process to validate MEM / Intune/ Autopilot in your tenant.

Why you should attend:

  • This workshop will improve your knowledge of Intune, then configure sample policies for Intune and Autopilot in your environment and demonstrate the power of zero-touch provisioning for your devices.
  • You will learn about the security policies, management profiles, and compliance rules for all of your devices.
  • You will receive a proven configuration for Intune and Autopilot in your tenant.
  • You will experience the power of zero-touch provisioning for all of your devices (Windows, iOS & Android, and macOS)

What to expect:

Intune is now the market leader, giving you the ability to secure and manage all your devices - Windows, Macs, iPads and smartphones, even BYO devices. Our goal with this workshop is to unlock the full potential of this technology for you.


  1. Conduct a high-level assessment to understand where you are on your cloud journey
  2. Set-up Autopilot for zero-touch provisioning of new Windows machines
  3. Learn how to manage iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Android with Intune
  4. Determine the next logical steps on your modern endpoint journey

Who should attend:

Session 1 (capability and capacity assessment) and Session 5 (assessment results & customized roadmap) are intended for IT Leadership, CIO, CISO and CTO. Sessions 2 (Windows), 3 (iOS & Android), and 4 (macOS) are intended for Architects and Engineers.


In this workshop we will cover the following topics:

  • Identity Fundamentals (Self-Service Password Reset, MFA, Conditional Access) 
  • Microsoft Intune Fundamentals (Enroll, Configure, Secure) 
  • Modernize and Secure Windows 11 (Overview, Upgrade/Deployment, Security, Autopatch)
  • User device support (Support & Retire) 
  • Defender for Endpoint (optional)

The following activities will be completed within your environment or your test/trial tenant:

  • Device Enrollment
  • Policy Deployment
  • Findings & recommendations, and next steps

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