Power BI Enablement: 2 Day Implementation


With NNIT Power BI Enablement, your organization will have a number of enablement formats available to train, inspire, and support your users to utilize Power BI and increase adoption of the tool.

Data as an organizational asset is truly valuable when understood and communicated properly in data-driven decision-making. Embark your employees on the BI journey by enabling them to adopt and get the most out of Power BI. Give them the knowledge to leverage the BI possibilities at any level in organization and Power BI will be common property in the organization beyond the IT department.

In collaboration with you, NNIT assembles a number of enablement formats that will foster a culture of data literacy. For NNIT, it is important to assess your current BI landscape in the process, while integrating defined ambitions for your BI strategy. The users will experience training and support that enable them to discover new insights and opportunities in the data available. By inspiring the users through webinars or hackathons, we let users explore the platform thereby enabling them to utilize Power BI’s strong self-service capability.

Why enable the organization?

  • Power BI democratizes the use of data and extends to everyone in an organization, empowering any user to make data-driven decisions.
  • Being data literate means being able to communicate data and understand data sources, which supports the discovery of new and valuable insights and still adhering to your company’s data best practice
  • Power BI may be the missing link in reaching full adoption and utilization of the entire Microsoft portfolio, which offers fruitful synergies.

Price and duration are based on scope of work

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