Power BI Solutions: 2WK Implementation


By combining data from multiple platforms, NNIT provides you cross insights by building intelligent reports, dashboards and templates – Advisory, development and implementation of Power BI solutions

Out-of-the-box reporting tools are typically limiting and inflexible in many common CRM, ERP or other business applications. NNIT can help you build Power BI Solutions that transform your data into manageable and intuitive dashboards accessible to all business decision-makers. A key feature is automating reports and processes, which demand no maintenance in the BI setup. With this foundation, your organization can focus on utilizing this effective communication platform to analyze and interpret your data.

Our approach is agile when developing your dashboards and reports. We do this to make sure we match your specific needs. By supplying ready-to-use dashboards, you will be up and running fast. You might have specific business requirements and end-users of the solution to tend to, which we will develop continuous in collaboration with you.

We can help establish data connections to your existing business applications to exploit cross business insight of your data. By that you will have a single source of truth and demoncratization of your data across your organization. Here is a few examples of business applications:

  • Power Platform The synergy between Power BI, PowerApps and the other components in the Power Platform brings additional layer of automation and report interaction with unapparelled ease of implementation. NNIT helps build up customized solutions for unique organizational needs.
  • Microsoft Dynamics With the same Microsoft origin, Dynamics and Power BI has a synergy that is undeniable. Power BI can be embedded in Dynamics, which gives the end-user a convenient platform easy to navigate whether it is FO or CE
  • SAP Some organizations are challenged to empower data self-service with data residing in SAP systems. NNIT can help democratize your data through data integration with Power BI in a flexible manner.

Price and duration are based on scope of work

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