Microsoft 365 Governance with Orchestry: 3-days Insights and Plan of Attack


This 3-days track will provide insights in your Teams, SharePoint and Viva Engage workspaces, and delivers a corrective action plan for better governance using a third party product called Orchestry.

As the adoption of Microsoft 365 grows over time your company, most likely the people managing the Microsoft 365 environemnt get to deal with a lot of challenges and opportunities.

  • Adoption is challenging with overlapping tools & new features in Microsoft 365.
  • Without governance, sprawl in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint can make Microsoft 365 unwieldy.
  • Managing Teams and Sites from creation to archival must be planned. Microsoft 365 is really good in provisioning workspaces, but lacks (extensive) lifecycle management and policies during the active lifecycle and when workspaces are end-of-life.
  • Extensive templating in Microsoft 365 currently requires costly custom code.

With our 3-days track, we try to tackle all of the challenges above so that your company ends up with a precise roadmap towards a well-governed, properly set-up Microsoft 365 environment.

The high-level agenda of this 3-days track is as follows.

Day 1: Introduction and Assessment • Introduce the Orchestry product and its features and benefits for enhancing governance and productivity. • Demonstrate how Orchestry can gain insights in the (uncontrolled) workspaces and in external users • Demonstrate how Orchestry can help the client to create, manage, and archive/delete workspaces, apply templates and metadata, enforce naming conventions and permissions, and monitor usage and compliance. • Conduct a discovery session with the client to understand their current Teams, SharePoint and Viva Engage workspace usage, challenges, governance policies and goals.

Day 2: Insights and Analysis • Analyze the workspaces • Identify the gaps, issues, and opportunities for improvement.

Day 3: Action Plan and Roadmap • Present the findings and recommendations to the client and discuss the next steps. • Deliver a corrective action plan for better governance using Orchestry • Discuss the implementation and support options.

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