Free Microsoft 365 Security Assessment: 2 Weeks Assessment


Know where your business stands against security threats with the complete visibility of your Microsoft 365 Security world at zero cost.


In the new era of cloud transformation and rising security incidents, Microsoft 365 is the most accepted and trusted cloud data-host service for enterprises. For the same reason, it is the highly targeted cloud platform for the threat actors as well.

If not configured appropriately for your specific use case, the Microsoft 365 platform can allow some bad actors to take advantage of and steal your data.

Since security is not just limited to technology, it also includes your business processes, controls, policies, standards, and education programs. Some bad actors nowadays go very far and steal your data or impersonate you by social engineering as well. It is not uncommon to see an email from the manager asking the accounts team to clear an invoice ASAP, which can be spoofed or impersonated.

Compromising Microsoft 365 tenants opens the gateway for attackers to remotely access sensitive cloud data, without breaching the corporate perimeter. These threat actors can breach Microsoft 365 tenants by exploiting:
  • Weak or legacy authentication mechanisms
  • Security controls that have not been optimally configured
  • Accounts with privileged access levels
  • Accounts with weak passwords or those that do not require multifactor authentication.

What Does Our Free Microsoft 365 Security Assessment cover?

Without spending a single dollar $, this comprehensive assessment will cover the following Microsoft 365 components:
  • Security and Access
  • MFA Settings
  • Identity protection
  • Conditional Access
  • Defender for Office 365
  • Email Security
  • Collaboration and external sharing
  • External Collaboration Settings
  • SharePoint / OneDrive Admin center
  • Endpoint Management
  • Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft 365 Secure Score

Penthara’s approach:

Our security assessment evaluates common Microsoft 365 platform areas and access controls across six core focus areas:
  • Security architecture and hardening
  • Identity and access management
  • Visibility
  • Data protection
  • Disaster recovery
  • Threat detection and response

Assessment Duration:

This absolutely free Microsoft 365 security assessment typically takes 2 weeks and consists of four phases. Penthara team will perform the following activities:
  • Assessment kickoff & technical setup
  • Collection of data
  • Report preparation.
  • Report presentation.
During the entire evaluation, we minimize the workload on your IT teams as far as possible, and the evaluation has absolutely no impact on your end users.

Post Assessment

We are also there to help after the assessment, if required, for the configuration and management of your security posture. This will be a paid engagement.

Our Deliverables:

At the completion of the engagement, Penthara’s team will provide a detailed report that includes:
  • A snapshot of the existing Microsoft 365 tenant security configuration.
  • Specific Microsoft 365 security best practices to align with current configurations and operational processes.
  • Practical recommendations for enhancing visibility and detection.
  • Prioritized and basic recommendations for further hardening the security posture of the Microsoft 365 tenant.

Suitable for:

An existing Microsoft 365 customer:
  • With Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 licenses.
  • Concerned about the security of your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Looking for the most current best practice security guidance and advice.
  • Want to reassure surrounding security.
  • Looking to attain security accreditation.
  • Looking for regulatory or security compliance

Recognize and reduce risk in Microsoft 365

The Penthara Security Assessment for Microsoft 365, derived from extensive experience in handling cyber threats, proactively identifies and addresses common vulnerabilities and process weaknesses in your organization’s infrastructure. This free assessment provides a comprehensive cybersecurity health check of your Microsoft 365 environment, customizable to your specific needs or compliance regulations. Its primary goal is to enhance your understanding of your security position and facilitate actions to improve your security posture.


This Microsoft 365 Security Assessment is at zero cost with the aim to help businesses quantify the potential benefits of Microsoft 365, improving return on investment, and enhancing the security of their digital environment.

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