Dynamics 365 for software companies: 2-hr briefing

proMX AG

A free briefing for software companies about using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for optimizing their own processes and discover the full potential of digital transformation.

What will we show you?

  • How to optimize your sales, service and project management processes
  • How to meet your customers’ expectations with high-performance, individual apps
  • How to make your software more customer-centric
  • How to use collaboration tools that enable people to work remotely

What will you learn?

  • If and how Dynamics 365 meets your requirements
  • How to customize the system
  • What costs you need to expect
  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are part of Dynamics 365 and which features meet your companies or organizations needs (e. g. chat bot, spam detection, inventory management)
What challenges are you facing?

Each organization is unique. Share your expectations and requirements with us – our experts will gladly answer your questions in a free briefing!

Why is proMX the right choice for software companies?

As we develop software ourselves, we bring first-hand knowledge of processes, requirements and challenges into your digital transformation project.

We assist you in deploying new software solutions, adapting them to your needs and offer you reliable technical support.

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