Business Central Localization: 2-Hr Assessment

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We offer our Hungarian localization package for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, with mandatory and optional functionalities to our US customers.


Minimum localization features required for legal compliance for US customers in Hungary.

  • Online invoice reporting: According to the legislation, the B2B invoices issued to customer with HU VAT number where the VAT amount exceeds HUF 100,000 (approx. USD 330) must be reported immediately (as issued) and automatically, without any human intervention in a pre-defined XML format.

  • Tax audit control data: When the account is entered, the content is stored from the available data for the current account according to the Hungarian Ministry for National Economy (NGM) regulation. The competence of the regulation: a person in the tax authority has the right to use the 'tax authority control data' button to allow the export of the data of the accounts already prepared.

  • Term settlement transactions: Regarding term settlement transactions there are some special rule for the date values for invoices.

  • VAT statement and domestic summary (reports and XML files: The function fulfills the general VAT statement obligation. It is provided to Hungarian National Tax and Customs (NAV).

  • Intrastat reporting: You can compile and print the necessary reports. This form contains the information required to complete the */04 forms.

EXTENDED PACKAGE Extended localization package main features

  • EKAER: The primary purpose of EKAER development is the taxing company's fulfillment to the Hungarian road traffic control system. If any of determined cases occurs, the taxpayer must report to EKAER's electronic interface.

  • Company Database interface: A tax number or even a business name is enough, we provide you all the necessary information to record your partner in Dynamics 365 Business Central by using this solution, we can provide you up to date information about the partner. The built-in function retrieves and transports the necessary data to record the partner. Additional features available.

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