Collaborative Apps with Microsoft Teams - 2 weeks - Proof of Concept

TCS - Digital Workplace

TCS Envision workshop enables unlock scenarios for frontline and knowledge workers to collaborate, communicate and be productive with this new norm of hybrid work using Microsoft Teams.

With TCS’ Teams Apps / Solutions Workshop, we will collaborate with you to brainstorm, identify scenarios / use cases that could transform employee experience, meet your business goals and provide you with high-level solutions and implementation plan to enable easy to use, customized and secure employee apps in the flow of work for your employees in Microsoft Teams.

This Envisioning workshop will cover:

Day 1 – Assess and Understand
  • Identify and engage key business stakeholders
  • Identify personas and key business scenarios / use cases
  • Introduce Microsoft Teams as Employee Experience platform
Day 2 – Unlock the “Art of Possible”
  • Showcase ready to use apps, low code solutions, TCS’ catalog of Microsoft Teams Apps / Solutions and App Templates to envision the art of the possible
  • Identify scenarios that can result in increased efficiency and productivity
Day 3 to Day 10 – Plan with Reporting
  • Prioritize scenarios to include an MVP plan (upto a maximum of 3 scenarios)
  • Recommend a high-level solution design and implementation plan with timeline for the prioritized scenarios
  • High level solution design recommendation
  • Implementation plan (MVP plan) with timeline
  • High-level UX prototypes to visualize the prioritized scenarios in Microsoft Teams (upto a maximum of 3 scenarios)

TCS’ as your Strategic Partner

  • TCS can help you to create intuitive, immersive and intelligent workspaces with Microsoft Teams as the unified fabric.
  • With our comprehensive Digital Workplace Services, Solutions, Deep Industry Knowledge and Advanced Specialization in Custom Solutions for Microsoft Teams, we will analyze your environment and identify opportunities to transform employee experience, improve workplace productivity and maximize the value of your existing investment in Microsoft Teams.

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