Info Protection & Gov : 12 Wks Implementation

Wipro Ltd

Discover your sensitive data in a hybrid environment to identify potential risks and implement adequate controls to safe guard your data leveraging Microsoft Information Protection and Governance.

In Today's hybrid enterprise setup, data is created, shared and stored in various locations that are beyond the corporate perimeter network. Protecting information is critical to ensure trust but also to meet internal and external compliance and governance requirements. Enterprises need to protect sensitive information across devices, SaaS applications and cloud services, in addition to hybrid & multi cloud environments.

Wipro's Hybrid information protection and governance service is leveraging the Microsoft 365 Information Protection, Governance and Compliance capabilities to provide a comprehensive compliance solutions to enterprise customers to efficiently meet organizational, industry and regional regulatory requirements.

Wipro's Hybrid info protection and governance solution is built on the Microsoft technology stack such as Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), Azure Purview, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS), Communication Compliance & Record Retention Management services to discover sensitive info in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment, classify and label, protect through encryption and data loss prevention, and manage the info life cycle through retention policies.

As part of this consulting engagement, we will setup discovery processes to identify sensitive data on Office 365 apps, end points and file servers, classify and label them, and apply information protection, Retention and DLP policies few sensitive data types use cases with enforcement. Depends on the customer use cases and size, the engagement timeline may vary.

Key Benefits:
• Quickly Identify privacy and regulatory risks in your organizational data
• Unified Data governance for hybrid and multi cloud data (ex: SQL, Oracle DB, SAP, File servers, Azure Data Lake, Power BI, AWS S3, Teradata etc.) through Azure Purview
• Continuously identify sensitive data at rest and transit and enforce protection controls

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