Leadership Management

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Leadership Management (MBO, OKR)

The app Leadership Management will help you to establish proven leadership methods such as Management by Objectives (MBO), Management by Objectives and Key Results (OKR) or Management by Projects in your company. Define annual, quarterly, or project goals for your employees, team leaders. Agree on goals and constantly monitor progress and achievements. This provides you an overview of whether the specifications have been achieved or can be achieved in the future at any time. With this app, you control your business according to any criteria or key figures (KPI), such as sales, customer satisfaction, billings, productivity, error rate or soft factors such as education and social skills (suitable for balanced score cards). Thanks to the dynamic setup, you can freely define a wide range of key figures and specifications and thus incorporate them individually into the evaluation of an employee. 



● Any number of freely definable goals and goal templates (e.g.: per year, quarter, project or department) 

● Divide your goal into sub-goa