Concrete Management

CEM Business Solutions Inc

Allow you to create and post purchase orders of concrete and certificate transaction process.

Experience the comfort of managing your concrete needs for all your construction projects! Concrete management helps you to manage the transactions related to purchase of Just-in-Time delivered items such as concrete mix. You can create and view concrete main and optional items and vendor trade agreements.


1. Items master

2. Trade agreement management

3. Concrete purchase order

4. Payment certification feature for certification of concrete purchased

5. Concrete inquiries

6. Simple reports for decision making


1. Create and maintain concrete items master.

2. Capture key data from your trade agreements.

3. Process purchase orders based on trade agreements.

4. Confirm quantity and quality of concrete purchased.

5. Automated journal creation.6. Use simple inquiry forms.

7. Enjoy informed decision making and gain better output using our inquiries and reporting solution.