CAP.Trade&Distribution for MS Dynamics 365 SCM

av CAPcargo AG

Transport ManagementSystem (TMS) to manage your supply chain. Tour planning / Fleet mgmt / DriverApp

Is the supply chain an important element of your value chain? With the CAPcargo application, fully embedded into D365 SCM, you can manage the distribution of your goods to your customers.
  • You manage your own fleet? The GraphicalPlanningBoard and algorithm are supporting the planning in the disptaching area.
  • If you use vendors for the logistic services. Perfect. The vendor order management (LTL/FTL) and tariff engine are ensuring a smooth process.
  • Do you want to know immediately, when the sales order willl be delivered? The forward and backward calculation will deliver the results, coming from the CAPcargo routing framework, at a fingertip.

Who can benefit?
⦁    Your shipping/logistic department receives with CAP.Trade&Distribution to really manage the supply chain. Fully integrated with sales and warehouse.
⦁    The customer support/sales office gets all the needed track&trace and shipping information directly on the sales order. Efficient information flow is increasing the customer satisfaction.

What do we solve?
The CAPcargo application solves your logistic challenges. Transport planning can start prior material at the warehouse is picked. Detailed tour planning or global supply chain. Both possible. Communication with the driver? CAPcargo driverApp connects driver with the office.

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