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Make Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations and e-commerce work as one.

Now that you’ve chosen an ERP solution that is scalable, powerful, and future proof, it’s time to make sure that your e-commerce solution is equally capable. Otherwise, you risk stunting your growth potential with an inflexible e-commerce strategy that can’t evolve with your business and that requires an unnecessary back-end maintenance workload.

Sana Commerce is an e-commerce platform designed to help manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers succeed by fostering lasting relationships with customers who depend on them.


How? By making your SAP or Microsoft Dynamics ERP and e-commerce work as one. This eliminates the system silos, unnecessary complexities and compromises caused by mainstream e-commerce solutions. Instead, our approach unlocks 3 key benefits that enable you to build lasting relationships with your customers:

Total customer convenience: Empower your customers with personalized self-service and complete transparency.

  • Self-service across the entire customer journey
  • Fully personalized experience

  • Complete transparency

Reliability without compromise: Eliminate errors and delays for an experience your customers can always rely on.

  • Consistent information across buying channels
  • Elimination of order and delivery errors
  • Accurate information

Constant evolution: Quickly and easily adapt your business to meet and exceed your customers’ evolving expectations.

  • Quick to adapt to customer demands and market changes
  • Evolution without disruptions
  • Ability to offer constant added value


Sana Commerce is a certified SAP and Microsoft Gold partner, backed by a strong global partner network and recognized by leading industry experts.

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