Brick & Click - An Enterprise Digital Platform

av Sonata Software Ltd.

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Brick & Click is a Unified Commerce Solution enabling digital transformation for Retailers

Brick & Click is born digital Unified commerce solution on Dynamics 365 which provides digital ready unified operations capability and best in class digital engagement - Instore, Online & Social with smart unified commerce and retail operations system. It leverages Dynamics 365 Retail functionality and Integrates Retail Analytics, Mobile digital Assistant, and CRM in addition to B2B & B2C thereby making it one of the most comprehensive solutions.

Brick & Click helps clients to Accelerate Revenue Generation by providing a seamless experience across the customer journey across channels with Social Engagement, Clienteling and Personalized Loyalty Programs. It Modernizes Service by enabling sales associates with Guided Selling Tool to advice and support the shoppers and also assisted sales through digital associates. With more than 50 promotional types you can automate your promotions with advanced promotional engine with contextual promotions.

It helps in adapting to the demands of both B2B and B2C commerce & business models with integrated B2B and B2C store fronts for consistent product, pricing and promotion information across channels. Retail Analytics provides 70+ KPIs, Persona Dashboard, Machine Learning based personalized recommendation, 360 View of customer from all channels and social sentiment analysis. With Brick & Click future-proof your business with all the cutting-edge digital native technologies like AI, ML, IoT, Chatbot, AR, Social sentiment etc.

Brick & Click comes up with unique features -

  • Integration with IoT devices for in-store recommendations, queue busting, contextual real-time recommendations etc.
  • Real – life personalization through Augmented Reality and Virtual try-ons.
  • WhatsApp Integration across the customer shopper journey.
  • Hybrid cloud ready platform Brick and Click brings together retail specific commerce, mobile, IoT, analytics and ERP systems, with pre-built business functionalities for specific retail segments.

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