Price List Utilities

Dynamics Professional Solutions

Easily bulk update, copy, remove, export or import pricing data (price lists) in the Dynamics 365.


The Price List Utilities is an extension designed for the Dynamics 365 that greatly simplifies day-to-day price list related tasks. It provides several intuitive wizards that can be used to perform bulk operations on price lists. For example, you can increase or decrease prices for any number of products without almost any effort. You can copy pricing data between products and price lists, or simply you can export pricing data, update it in Excel and import back. Theses are just some basic examples.


The solution provides several easy-to-use wizards:

  • Add Price List Wizard - adds new prices to products and price lists
  • Update Price List Wizard - updates prices (incrementing or decrementing) by fixed amount or percentage
  • Copy Price List Wizard - copies price list data from another product or price list
  • Remove Price List Wizard - removes price list data
  • Import Price List Wizard - imports price list data from a flat file
  • Export Price List Wizard - exports price list data to a flat file. The exported data can be edited externally and imported back using Import Wizard
  • Default Price List Wizard - sets default price list for the products
It also allows you preview affected records before processing and provides robust filtering capabilities.

Trial version limitations

In the trial mode only first five records will be processed (updated, copied, imported, ...).


The product is licensed per instance; each organization requires its unique license key.


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