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Document generation, processing and automation in Dynamics 365 & template design based on MS Word

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Documents are crucial in every Dynamics 365 implementation. Whether you need to send sales or service documents, internal reports or contracts for signing, DocumentsCorePack will help you streamline and simplify your document requirements.

Please find under Details and Support a DocumentsCorePack vs out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 comparison chart to help you determine which option is best to meet your document generation, processing and automation requirements.

How does it work?

1. Design – the easy, intuitive and powerful handling of the Template Designer extends the capabilities of Microsoft Word with an interface to Microsoft Dataverse

2. Generate – create individual or batch documents in various formats within Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Power Automate & Canvas Apps

3. Process & Deliver – every document generated has a purpose. The various options provided by our CommandBar dialog will speed up your document-related business processes & reduce your user’s workload:

  • Dialog – user-driven document processes in 3 steps:
    1. Choose the template
    2. Choose document output and delivery
    3. Preview

The dialog can be customized according to users’ business requirements, supporting:

  • One-Click-Actions – pre-configure your document processes to just one click (e.g. send PDF as an e-mail attachment, print and save to SharePoint)
  • Workbooks/Document packages - define complex documents consisting of several individual elements (e.g. proposals)
  • User-prompts – incorporate user input into generated documents.

4. Automate – the DocumentsCorePack Connector allows you to use the full suite of document generation & delivery options with PowerAutomate (Flow) or classic Dynamics 365 workflows, enabling full document automation

In summary, DocumentsCorePack is a flexible, professional and reliable document generation & processing solution for Dynamics 365 & the Power Platform.

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