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Scaleable Forms is a True Integration of Typeform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.


Scaleable Forms is true integration between Typeform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Typeform can help you in creating interactive and engaging forms for data collection e.g. Contact Forms, Surveys, Feedback, Online Shop, Polls, Quizzes or for any other business purpose. Scaleable Forms enables you to bring Typeform responses inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. 

Create – Configure – Map - Now you don’t need to worry for manual and time taking data collection or human error-based data entry in Dynamics 365 Sales. Scaleable Forms enables you to configure multiple forms. The solution has the capacity of saving the data of questions of Typeform which are not mapped to any of the fields of Dynamic 365 Sales.


Get all the responses of Typeform directly in Dynamics 365

Responses generated by the configured forms will be saved directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales as Contact, Account, Lead.

Store data of Other Forms in Dynamics 365

Save data of Other Forms like Survey, Questionnaires, Feedback, etc. If the forms have been filled by existing contacts, they will be saved against them.

Map Typeform questions with Dynamics 365 fields

All mapped questions of the form will be saved against Dynamics 365 fields e.g. Question asking for The name will be saved against Name Field of Dynamics 365.

Store Data of Unmapped Questions

The data of the remaining questions of Typeform; that are not mapped to any of the fields of Microsoft Dynamics 365 can also be saved.

Configure multiple forms to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

You can create unlimited configurations and can also configure multiple forms for the same entity.

Set sync Duration

Sync duration for every configuration can be specified by the user.

Expire Synchronization Date

Set Synchronization Expiry Date, after which the synchronization will expire and no more responses will be synced to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

Error Logs

Error Logs will be created to display the errors that occur during the synchronization along with error details.


On the Dashboard, you can view the details of responses created by each configuration. 

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