Seismic Enablement Cloud™ for Dynamics 365

av Seismic Software

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Elevate data-driven buying experience at scale

Seismic seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365, empowering sellers to personalize interactions and collaborate on content. This not only increases user adoption but also saves time, as sellers can access the right content at the right moment in the buyer's journey – resulting in improved sales efficiency and win rates.

With Seismic, marketing teams can scale content personalization and gain visibility into the best-performing assets. Moreover, Seismic's quick access feature enables easy integration within Dynamics 365, making it a menu item or an addition to entity forms like accounts, opportunities, or leads. To further boost productivity and customer engagement, Seismic leverages AI-powered content recommendations. By surfacing recommended content directly within Dynamics 365 CRM, Seismic ensures sellers have what they need at their fingertips.

Sellers can also accelerate content creation through Seismic's LiveDocs feature. By leveraging Dynamics 365 opportunity data, Seismic expedites the creation of presentations, allowing sellers to be more efficient and effective. Working together, Seismic's integration with Dynamics enhances both seller productivity and Dynamics utilization. Sellers can make informed decisions and tailor content to buyers in minutes, resulting in accelerated sales velocity and increased revenue.

Use the Seismic Enablement Cloud for Dynamics 365 Integration to:
- Enable quick access: Seismic can be seamlessly embedded into Dynamics 365 as a menu item or added to entity forms like account, opportunity, or lead forms.
- Deliver AI-powered content recommendations: Seismic enhances productivity and boosts customer engagement by surfacing AI-recommended content within Dynamics 365 CRM.
- Accelerate content creation: Seismic leverages Dynamics 365 opportunity data to expedite the creation of presentations through Seismic's LiveDocs feature.

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