BE-terna Collection Management

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BE-terna Collection Management - Ensure that your cash-flow is always healthy.

BE-terna Collection Management Solution is an add-on solution for Business Central, which can help you automate your collection process and activities to perform proactively, focusing on overdue customers that require the most attention.

A mobile-ready solution, protected with the highest Microsoft safety cloud system, ensures that all information is available on the go and quick user adoption via a user-friendly interface.

All participants in the collection process, from collection managers to CFOs, are timely informed about outstanding receivables and enabled with comprehensive reports for quality decision making and process monitoring.

The solution that is proved and tested by Microsoft can help any business to achieve desirable results in reducing outstanding receivables through extensive features.

The Collection Management app enables collection managers to effectively manage the collection process and interact with the Customers from Collection Point creation until the payment is made via a guided collection process and comprehensive Client 360.

The app empowers collection supervisors with enhanced monitoring of the collection department's performance via interactive, real-time dashboards and assists account managers to proactively act with their customers' invoice complaints and payment plan approvals.

Integrated Power BI reporting tool empowers top management with enhanced receivables analysis to gain insight into the organization's financial health at a glance and achieve quality decision-making. 

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