VeriBranch Branch Automation for Banking

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Empowering bank tellers, sellers and advisors to efficiently execute transactions

VeriBranch is enabling banks to streamline their business processes, by connecting front-office to back-office systems. Providing a software solution to easily look-up customer account information, empowers bank tellers, sellers and advisors to efficiently execute transactions such as loan origination, account origination, financial planning and transfers, thereby becoming high value sales centres.

Branch banking concept acquires a new dimension with VeriPark's innovative approach. The objective is to provide an infrastructure that will increase the speed and efficiency, and reduce the burden on employees at every level to help any branch improve speed and efficiency.

Solution Benefits

  • Improve Employee Experience
  • Enhance Operational Efficiency & Accuracy
  • Increase Cross-sell
  • Reduce No. of Applications at Front Desk
  • Reduce Paper-based Processes
  • Maximize Straight Through Processing
  • Reduce Average Handling Time of Customer Requests

Teller - Inquiries, Transfers, Payments, Cash

The VeriBranch Teller automation module drives down operational costs whilst significantly enhancing business performance of Tellers in the branch. The activity management system of the Teller module guides employees' day-to-day tasks including the management of enquiries, transfers, account openings, payments and cash movements. By providing access to this powerful customer centric solution you can ensure the frontline team can say and do the right thing at the right time resulting in a positive customer experience.

Seller- Enrolment, Service, Account Origination, Loan Origination

Customer on-boarding is one of the most important operations in the life cycle of a financial customer and sets the stage for the entire relationship going forward. VeriBranch's seller module enables your employees at the branch to quickly and easily capture all relevant customer documents and send them to back-end systems for immediate processing. This helps the frontline team to spend more qualitative time with customers, improve the service experience and close more business faster.

Advisor - Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Advisory Services

VeriPark provides a single platform for financial advisors managing their accounts by offering enhanced portfolio management and Investment tools with targeted workflows, ease of customization, configurability and graphical displays from a single dashboard. The unified advisor platform allows advisors to spend less time working in applications and more time advising clients to build relationships and revenue from Wealth Management, Financial Planning and Advisory Services.

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