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Put your 360-degree pictures in PowerPoint and Excel documents through interactive VR Players.

With ZENKEI VR Player Add-in, you can put your 360-degree pictures taken by omnidirectional cameras in your PowerPoint or Excel as an interactive ZENKEI VR player, so that you can send immersive experiences as easy as sending an Office document.

Signing in with ZENKEI account, you can use the following functions:

* create the VR player from existing VR content in our ZENKEI system

You just need to select your VR contents in ZENKEI system, then you can put the VR player in your PowerPoint and Excel.

* create new VR player from 360-degree pictures

You can also create VR players from your panorama pictures directly from cameras.

Using ZENKEI VR Player Add-in, for example, real estate companies can create PowerPoint or Excel documents of your properties with the information and specifications, as well as interactive VR players of real 360-degree pictures, and send the documents as easy as usual Office documents.

This add-in does not support Internet Explorer earlier than version 10. If you use IE, please use version 11 or later.


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