Parrot365 Document Assembler

av Acrowit, Inc. DBA WittyParrot

Instantly assemble proposals, contracts, legal docs using pre-created reusable content and templates

Increase speed, consistency and accuracy of word documents creation using (1) ready word templates (2) ready content that can be inserted or merged into word template from the library (3) create word templates and ready content snippets instantly for reuse

Avoid the copy & paste or find & replace errors and ensure consistent content being used across your team and communicated to your prospects and customers. Use placeholder feature to customize the content including images, rich text etc. User can manually key-in values on the fly at the point of use into word or can be mapped to ready content for dynamic content update in word.

Built in workflow capability helps to collaborate review workflow of proposals, contracts etc. with detailed status update and user activity dashboard

Key value proposition for users include (1) Productivity increase by up to 2.5 times (2) Consistent content reuse to create customized documents across your entire team (3) Customization of content with dynamic content either manually keyed-in or mapped to ready content (4) Built-in review workflow process to collaborate across subject matter experts to finalize the documents with activity dashboard.

You will need Parrot365 account in order to use this addin. You can signup for the same at


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