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Instant Invoice - Free Version

Cotek Systems, Inc.

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Create Invoices, PO, etc. Send and receive one-time and subscription payments for your invoices

Instant Invoice was built for everyone who is managing their business finances, but probably doesn’t have any training in technical things like accounting and payroll. All our tools are easy to use. You don’t need a college degree to use or even understand the add-in.

Features include:

 Simplified architecture

o With just one click of the mouse, you can create an invoice, estimate, pro forma, quote, Credit memo, Credit note, Purchase order or Receipt. And with another click, you can send the document

to your customer(s).

 Professional documents with Logos

o You can also customize your document (Invoice, Estimates, Quotes, Receipts etc.) with your own company logo and promote your business using Instant Invoice.

 Copy Invoices

o You can quickly and easily create a new document from an existing one by simply copying the existing document.

 Auto-Invoice Number generation

o Your document number is automatically generated to prevent two documents from accidentally using the same number. You can change the Invoice number. We put the power in your hands.

However, if you enter a number that is currently use, we will alert you to change the number.

 Multi-Taxes

o With Instant Invoice, you can use as many different taxes as you need within a single invoice.

 Send documents with attachments via email

o With just two clicks, you can send an invoice with multiple attachments via email.

 Printer Friendly

o Instant Invoice is compatible with all types of design; Standard Invoice Designs, PDF Format, Word format, or even direct printing from your browser.

 Accept Online Payments

o Customers can pay your invoice online via PayPal or Credit card (Stripe). Contact us and we will show you how to configure online payments.

 Payment Records

o When using online payments, invoices are automatically marked as paid.

 Unlimited Storage

o You can have as many invoices and clients as you want, no limit.

 Multi-Currency

o Send invoice in any currency. In addition to the amount of symbols, easily switch between symbol and ISO; $100 or 100 USD.

 Secure Data

o All data communications on Instant Invoice are encrypted.

 Payment Gateways

o We support PayPal, and Stripe payment gateways. We have more payment gateways on the way.

 24/7 Support

o Your satisfaction is our pleasure. We are here for you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.