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Model N Author works with Model N CPQ & CLM applications based on Salesforce platform.

Model N Author Streamline proposal and contract negotiations in Model N’s CPQ, CLM applications without leaving Microsoft Word®. Working in conjunction with Model N applications such as CPQ, CLM and Rebate Management, Model N Author enables creation of templates for users to compose or assemble legal documents such as NDAs, Sales Contracts, Proposals, and Rebate Programs.

Model N Author benefits both the legal department (admins and operations) as well as business users (sales reps, sales managers and rebate program managers). Benefits include:

  • Full redline and automated versioning with a simple user interface.
  • With Model N Author’s conditional logic feature, only relevant legal clause and text are inserted into the contract, hence reducing the number of necessary templates.
  • Data maintained in the Model N applications can be inserted into the document template via tags created by Model N Author.
  • Templates can be created from uploaded 3rd party paper or from scratch, without the user having to leave Microsoft Word.
  • Model N Author works with Word 2016, MS Online and Mac OS.
  • With pre-customized templates and clause documents, users can assemble professional-looking contract documents and proposals with your corporate logo and formatting in minutes
  • Clauses can be inserted as text or Word documents.
  • Facilitates legal operations or sales personnel collaboration with orchestration and automation of redline reconciliation.
  • By leveraging the template and clause libraries in Model N applications, a single repository can be created and maintained across your entire organization.

Find our applications on Salesforce AppExchange, or contact [/#LI].

Salesforce account is needed in order to install Model N applications from AppExchange.


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