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Aktivlearn Plus


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Aktivlearn Plus is a learning experience platform for all Assessment and Development requirements

Aktivlearn Plus is a learning experience platform (LXP) from KNOLSKAPE that enables experiential learning and assessments to the learners through a wide variety of simulations and gamified content. The platform packs in content that is immersively gamified and provides a launch pad for learners to acquire skills and competencies in a manner like never before. Some of the platform features:

1. Admin Features:

a. Course management - Upload organizational training materials, setting due dates, pre-requisites, content locking,etc.

b. SCORM compliant

c. Assessment & Quizzes

d. Multiple content type support: PPT, PDF, Word, Content pages, Quizzes, Assignments, External tools, etc.

e. User management: to create multiple user groups of users, sub-groups of users and allows the members of these groups and subgroups in any combination and assign courses to the groups

f. Configure automated and manual notifications & reminders through email, push notifications and on MS Teams

g. Track analytics: track user activity, engagement, completion rates, performance, feedback, download reports, etc.

2. User mode features:

a. Multi-platform: Apart from web version, AL Plus is also available as a mobile app version on both Android and iOS which are seamlessly synced enabling the users with disturbance free, learning on-the-go

b. Learning dashboard: Every student has a personalized learning dashboard that gives a quick view of their learning activities, recommendations, and activity charts

c. Analytics dashboard: The user analytics page displays various details about the user's activity and performance across the learning journey the user is undergoing along with other details on a nice, intuitive interface

d. Gamified learning: learning engagement through assignments and leaderboard

In order to use the app user need to have an active AktivLearn Plus account. Sign-up and configuration of our app is done by enterprise level by IT admins. Refer to https://www.aktivlearn.com/ for more details

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