- DAM for teams

av pixxio

Search your DAM media pool and insert your media files into your office documents.

Access your media pool with the Office Add-in and integrate your media files into your documents very easily. Use the search and filter functions of directly in Word, PowerPoint and Excel. No detours, no bottleneck, never again integrate the wrong version of a graphic, logo or image.

Due to the central storage in the digital asset management system, your media files are available to everyone in the team at any time and from anywhere. Thanks to license management, model and property releases and mappable workflows everybody knows at any time which media files may be used for which purposes. Teams work better together with, even across different locations: No bottlenecks, no sources of error. And: More time for the essentials. To use the app a paid account is required.


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  • Skicka data via Internet

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