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The Erlang Calculator with custom functions including Erlang X, Chat, Blending and more!

The Erlang Calculator provides the full suite of custom functions for contact centers, including Erlang X, Chat, Blending and more!

Calculate capacity in the most efficient, powerful and versatile tool, which is unmatched in the market. Improve accuracy, optimize your workflow and save resources based on the forecast. The Erlang Calculator will be the only add-in you will need for accurate planning of your contact center’s channels.

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This add-in includes custom functions for:

  • Erlang X
  • Erlang Chat
  • Blending
  • Erlang C

With parameters like: Occupancy, Service Level, ASA, Abandonment, Patience, Redials and Concurrency, AHT and Forecast.

CCmath has been the scientific heart of the contact center community worldwide since 2005.By offering software solutions, training and consulting the most challenging contact center setups.


Additional Information

Before installing this add-in, make sure you have a Microsoft 365 license with at least the following versions:

  • Windows - Version 16.0.12527 or up
  • Mac -Version 16.34 or up
  • Web - Version May 2019 or up

Note that some companies restricted the use of add-ins. Please contact your administrator or use a different Microsoft 365 account to get access to the Erlang functions.

Please enjoy our add-in!

- Team CCmath


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