Data Quality Assistant

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Identify potential data issues with just 2 clicks, compare sheets, and easily explore formulas.

All of this while keeping your data safely on your computer at all times. 

The Data Quality Assistant for Excel helps you identify data issues with just 2 clicks:

The add-in automatically identifies missing values, inconsistencies, outliers, duplicates, formula mistakes and sensitive data in your tables. Plus, users can also create their own custom data quality rules. You can also adjust the settings and choose which data issues to search for, what columns to ignore etc. 

Comparing sheets in seconds:

With the add-in users can easily compare two sheets to swiftly get an overview about the changes that happened during two updates. 

Easily explore formulas:

While building Excel sheets or while reviewing sheets from others understanding formula flows might be difficult, our explore feature directly helps users to easily understand formula calculation flows, in a nice and fresh UI. This add-in offers a trial period free of charge!For unrestricted use, we kindly ask you to purchase a subscription for the add-in. Please contact for volume license requirements.


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