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Establish cascading parent-child relationships between lookup columns in SharePoint Online lists.

The Cascaded Lookup App enables you to create filtering, parent-child relationships between columns in SharePoint Online. This powerful functionality allows for the values in the lookup column to be filtered or scoped based on the selection in another column.

The Cascaded Lookup App gives you the ability to filter one lookup column using another, thereby simplifying tasks such as selecting cities based on the chosen country.

Even better, the app can convert an existing SharePoint lookup column into a Cascaded Lookup column with a filtering function.

The cross-site lookup feature provides the ability to retrieve data from different sites within the same site collection, thereby broadening the scope of your lookup.

The app includes an SPFx list view command set extension and form customizer, allowing you to easily configure Cascaded Lookup columns and leverage cascading features within your list.

The SPFx list view command set extension adds the Cascaded Lookup settings action to the list action bar, providing convenient access to the app's settings page for quick configuration.

The form customizer offers the flexibility to associate and override default new or edit forms with the app's custom forms. This enables users to seamlessly utilize the lookup cascading features, enhancing their experience and productivity.

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Key Features:

• Create cascading parent-child relationships between columns and filter the values in the child column based on the parent selection.

• Easily filter and sort retrieved data based on the selected view.

• Apply filtering criteria using one or multiple columns in the source list.

• Seamlessly perform cross-site lookups, referencing lists from any site within your site collection.

• Display relevant columns from the source list alongside lookup values on the New/Edit Cascaded Item form.

• With the option to replace default SharePoint list new/edit item forms with the app's customized forms, you can unlock the full potential of lookup cascading features.

• Display additional columns from the source list to provide comprehensive information.

• Supports various column types, including Single Line of Text, Number, Date and Time, Calculated (output as single line of text), and system reserved fields (such as ID, Created, Modified, and Version).

• Convert existing SharePoint lookup columns to Cascaded Lookup columns effortlessly.

• Revert a Cascaded Lookup column back to a SharePoint lookup column if needed.

(Please note that the app is only compatible with the SharePoint Online modern experience.)

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