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Stay on top of item changes and upcoming tasks with customized alert and reminder emails using flows

BoostSolutions' Alert Reminder for SharePoint Online simplifies your process of creating an alert or reminder flow. With its intuitive, user-friendly interface, creating a flow is accomplished with minimal effort - no coding or programming required. This powerful tool ensures you stay informed about item creations, modifications, deletions, and upcoming tasks, thereby enhancing the efficiency of your task management.

This tool allows you to customize alert and reminder emails with detailed item information, attachments, tables, images, links, and more.

You can also automate reminders about upcoming tasks and deadlines, adjusting the frequency of reminders to suit your needs.

Field-based conditions offer more control over alert dispatches, triggered by changes in column value, status updates, or overdue tasks.

The Alert Reminder supports multiple ways to specify recipients, accommodating SharePoint groups, specific users, or email addresses in a list column.

All item changes, including old and new values, are tracked and prominently highlighted in the email body, enabling quick identification and response to changes.

Utilizing the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) list view command set extension enhances the ease of access to Alert Reminder settings. This convenient feature streamlines the process, enabling swift and efficient interaction with the application's functions.

BoostSolutions' Alert Reminder offers a robust set of features for SharePoint Online:

- Sends email alerts upon item creation, modification, or deletion.

- Automatically sends reminder emails when a task or event is approaching its deadline.

- Customizes email body with a variety of formatting options, including text styles, colors, fonts, hyperlinks, tables, images, attachments, and list columns.

- Sends notification emails at set intervals - by the minute, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

- Establishes conditions to decide the timing and circumstances under which alert or reminder emails should be sent.

- Includes the relevant item information in the body of the alert or reminder emails.

- Highlights the changes made to items in alert emails.

- Customizes the subject, with support for inserting list columns.

- Sends alert or reminder emails for items from a specified list view.

- Specifies 'To', 'CC', and 'BCC' recipients as SharePoint users and groups.

- Specifies 'To', 'CC', and 'BCC' recipients using the SharePoint User or Group columns, and send the emails to the users or groups represented in these columns.

- Sets email addresses columns in a SharePoint Online list as recipients in the 'To', 'CC', and 'BCC' fields.

- Replies on SharePoint Flow, ensuring no data is sent to third-party platform.

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