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Perkforce Perks and Benefits Advantage Suite

Unlock Your Organisation's Competitive Edge, Boost Engagement, Well-Being, and Community Ties

Discover the power of Perkforce, a comprehensive platform that centralises and showcases your organisation's perks and benefits, making them readily accessible.

By connecting with diverse businesses on the platform, you can enhance your perks portfolio. Which not only strengthens your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) but also boosts user engagement by offering valuable new perks, ensuring users feel both valued and appreciated.

This app supports Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Microsoft 365 hubs, and with Perkforce, your organisation can:

  • Showcase your existing corporate benefits and local business perks to your users using the Add Perk feature. Perks will be presented in Perks and Custom Categories, all within a streamlined, user-friendly platform.
  • Empower your users to actively contribute to the perk offerings by inviting local businesses through the Invite New Business feature, expanding the range of benefits available.
  • Through the Connections page, Perkforce works closely with businesses to facilitate the creation of new partnerships to help bolster your Perks portfolio.
  • Gain unique Insights into your organisation's culture and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to make data-driven decisions that better align with your people's preferences.
  • Foster meaningful Connections with local business communities and seamlessly onboard Users to amplify engagement while minimising administrative hassles.
  • In the Profile page you can effortlessly tailor the platform with your organisation's branding, ensuring a seamless and personalised experience for your users.
  • Access a world of Perks at your fingertips with Perkforce on Microsoft Teams mobile, empowering you to build a thriving, appreciated workforce - anytime, anywhere.
  • Obtain integrated assistance and share your insights using the Give Feedback feature to connect with our dedicated support team.

Account Requirement:

To access Perkforce, an active account is necessary. Organisations, such as companies, colleges/universities, or merchant businesses, can Sign up for the platform, after which Perkforce will reach out to arrange full access. After Perkforce has approved access, your users can then Sign in using their email addresses.


To support the local business community and college/university students during challenging economic times, Perkforce is willing to waive the fee for merchant businesses and colleges/universities.

For companies, a fee is associated with having employees on the platform, which will be discussed upon contacting Sales at

Getting Started:

Upon adding Perkforce in Microsoft Teams, Outlook or any Microsoft 365 hub, your users will find Sign up and Sign in links readily available. For personalised assistance, our dedicated support team is accessible via the feedback option, conveniently located on the floating button at the bottom right of the screen, or by emailing

Contact Sales at

Get Support at

Learn more about Perkforce at


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