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Design templates, add data fields and create documents via Docugate

The Docugate add-in is an extension of the local or Office 365 functionality of the Docugate template management software. It enables the template administrator to create and edit templates. Placeholders for variable content and further information such as the display name, a description, tags, and much more can be stored in the template.


After installing the add-in, a Docugate icon appears on the ribbon in the 'Start' tab and, when activated, opens a task pane that provides the most common Docugate functions for selection. The Docugate task pane can be shown and hidden in the ribbon.

The Docugate add-in allows numerous new opportunities for companies to work with Microsoft Office in a modern, mobile and flexible way.


The Docugate add-in is outsourced to the Azure Web Hosting in order to guarantee maximum availability and performance. NO data is recorded.

NOTE: The Docugate add-in can be used with the locally installed Microsoft Office (from version 2016 or with Office 365).


Docugate is a software for managing Word, Excel and PowerPoint templates. It supports the intelligent creation, processing and distribution as well as the automated generation of documents in end-to-end document processes.

An active Docugate account is required to use the add-in. A free account for an unlimited time can be created at

Docugate is a product from Leuchter IT Solutions.


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