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​Illustrate your progress toward goals in a pie or donut chart | PBI certified

Showcase task progression with Circular Gauge by MAQ Software. This visual enables you to display progress as an actual value or as a percentage of the target value. You can also pick between displaying the information in a pie or donut chart format and setting a threshold value.

Business Uses:

  • Sales – Compare your actual yearly sales to a pre-set target
  • Marketing – Display key performance metrics such as target conversions and impressions in relation to the actual values
  • Human Resources – Track the success of internal campaigns by comparing to total number of employees to the amount that have been onboarded

Key Features:

  • One color illustrates actual progress while another displays a set target
  • Ability to display percentage of progress against a set target
  • Customizable text size and ring size

What's new in 4.0.0:

  • Enabled context menu

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