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Visualize targets with precision | Power BI Certified

Cylindrical Gauge by MAQ Software

Transform your data into actionable insights with the Cylindrical Gauge by MAQ Software. This intuitive 3D visual tool is perfect for comparing actual values against target capacities or goals. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, each gauge represents a unique metric, allowing for quick and clear interpretations of progress.

Key benefits

  • Customizable range: Set minimum and maximum values for tick marks to match your specific metrics.
  • Color customization: Tailor the fill and border colors to align with your branding or data themes.
  • Vertical scrollbar: Navigate through data smoothly, especially when dealing with height-restricted displays.
  • Optional fill line: Improve clarity and focus with an additional fill line indicator.

Use cases

  • Inventory management: Evaluate stock levels to forecast future needs (i.e., use Cylindrical Gauge to show how much of your inventory is available, used, or reserved, and compare it to your capacity or target level).
  • Marketing analysis: Gauge customer satisfaction scores (i.e., use Cylindrical Gauge to show how your average customer satisfaction score for each product, service, or channel is, and compare it to your desired or benchmark score).
  • Travel and logistics: Evaluate fuel levels across different journey routes (i.e., use Cylindrical Gauge to show how much fuel you have consumed, refilled, or have left over for each route, and compare it to your optimal or maximum fuel level).

Support & Community

Have questions or need support? Visit our community on Zendesk for insights and assistance: MAQ Software Support.

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