Google Analytics Report

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Google Analytics Report

Added new features for: Heatmap Combo Chart, Dynamic Analytics Line Chart, Slicer Metrics Selection for page one.

Provides a detailed report built off the last six-months of your Google Analytics data. Allowing for a deep dive analysis on daily page views with forecasting and adjustable rolling average, month-over-month traffic gain or losstop pages visited, traffic source trends over time, and more.

Once you log in with credentials you'll be prompted to enter your Google Analytics View ID. This will replace the sample data with the last six months of your sites data. Depending on the size of your data, the initial load may take some time due to the speed of the Google Analytics API. On average, it can load about 35,000 rows a minute.

You can also purchase a refresh subscription for this AppSource online-only version for $9.99 per month. The refresh subscription will give you access to all historical data. With either online versions the report layout can be edited, but no data model changes can be made.

Lastly you can purchase the downloadable PBIX file which gives you access to the reporttabular data model, and back-end logic. Details on either the subscription or downloadable PBIX version, plus other Power BI reports and files can be found at our Files Store page.

PLEASE NOTE that a small portion of accounts are unfortunately incompatible with this report, due to missing or insufficient data. This will result in a sampling error when trying to load your data. If this happens please contact us to further discuss.

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