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Data Warehouse Automation


with Datavault Builder, the award-winning business-driven data warehouse automation solution.

Rely upon Datavault Builder as your efficient visual data integration solution. Datavault Builder leverages standardization and cooperation between business and IT people as the key to success.

Increase productivity and benefit from the fastest possible time-to-insights. Datavault Builder adds full auditability and governance without any extra effort.

Get all data warehousing functionalities in one solution. Replace up to nine different software tools. Reduce complexity, and lower risk and total cost of ownership while increasing maintainability.

Datavault Builder empowers organizations, companies, and corporations around the world to trust their data and turn data into assets.

Start to build and automate your business-driven Data Vault data warehouse today on MSSQL, Azure SQL, Azure Synapse, Snowflake, Exasol, postgres and Oracle, starting from EUR 9'900 EUR p.a.

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