Assistant Anywhere

av ACF Technologies, Inc.

Delivers an entirely virtual experience helping you manage capacity and flows in your business

Assistant Anywhere delivers an entirely virtual experience, giving customers the option to interact with your organization regardless of location. From scheduling an appointment to speaking to a clinician or salesperson, the entire process takes place online. Helping you manage capacity within your lobbies, reduce the flow of people through physical locations, and dramatically improve customer experiences.

Assistant Anywhere combines our core customer experience software, Appointment Scheduling and Queue Management with new virtual technologies, Wait Anywhere, Check-in Anywhere, and Q-Anywhere to deliver a complete virtual customer experience platform.

Assistant Anywhere is a platform that allows businesses to connect with their customers and patients from anywhere. Whether you need to limit the number of people within your facility or communicate with them virtually, this software streamlines the appointment experience. 

These tools make it easier for customers and patients to schedule and attend appointments — while limiting the need for physical contact. This all-in-one appointment scheduling platform checks all the boxes in usability, scalability, and process-enhancing features.

Assistant Anywhere is designed to work in any vertical market, Health, Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Government, Retail, Customer and service centers, industrial, delivery, and many more.

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