iTwin Platform

av Bentley Systems, Incorporated

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iTwin platform – build and bring to market infrastructure digital twin solutions

The Bentley iTwin platform provides the foundation for building digital twin solutions. Accelerate application development to solve data integration, visualization, change tracking, security, and other challenges. Whether you want to generate revenue, standardize digital data formats for clients, implement or deploy solutions in your organization, this is the platform for you.

Develop with an Open, Scalable Cloud Platform

iTwin platform is comprised of APIs and libraries that help you develop digital twin applications for project teams, contractors, and owner-operators to create, visualize, and analyze digital twins of infrastructure assets running on Azure.

Deliver Your Solution Quickly and Easily

Experience quick and simple application delivery. This web-accessible environment provides instant access to large-scale datasets for visualization and insights. And it is continuously synchronized and federated with constantly changing data from different repositories and different vendors in incompatible formats.

You Focus on Building a Solution. We Take Care of the Heavy Lift

The Bentley iTwin platform takes care of the rest, such as back-end security, infrastructure, and data integration needs. You focus on the applications that bring value to your client or organization. The iTwin platform will help you reduce overhead for building and maintaining IT infrastructure.

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