Shop Book and Pay™

Change Healthcare

Improve upfront collections and to attract new patients with a healthcare ecommerce platform

Shop Book and Pay™ is the SaaS-based patient self-service shopping solution that brings a consumer-style ecommerce approach to the healthcare world. Healthcare providers can monetize their websites by creating a digital front door that helps patients find your providers, purchase necessary tests or procedures, and book their appointments in a typical shopping-cart style experience.


Now you can deliver an outstanding, consumer-style shopping experience for existing and new patients to attract new patients and build loyalty.

  • Move patient revenue collection to the front of the revenue cycle
  • Communicate with patients through their preferred medium – email, SMS, phone, etc.
  • Deliver the digital tools that consumers are increasingly demanding.


Healthcare providers – hospitals, health systems, large practices, non-hospital providers (imaging centers, laboratories, etc.) Typical buyer is the marketing, revenue cycle, or finance leader.


Healthcare exclusively.

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