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Compellon Iris Pro - An Analytics Advisory Tool

Compellon, Inc

A data quality assessment and feature selection tool.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence projects have gained momentum within enterprises, stretching data professionals to their limits. Too many projects suffer from “garbage in, garbage out,” beginning with data that is insufficient to answer the business question at hand, or building models with variables that end up missing the mark. Despite this risk, enterprises are forced to commit significant human and computing resources to a project, hoping they will result in something meaningful. With Iris Pro, enterprises can proceed with confidence, knowing their resource-intensive analytics projects will result in positive outcomes and train models with the best group of variables from the start.

Iris Pro is an analytics advisory tool that streamlines your data science process and reduces time to modeling, quickly evaluating the information in your data to determine how well it supports your business analysis. It leverages the Compellon Plug and Play AI that autonomously learns and understands information and relationships in your data. Iris Pro tells you if your data can answer your questions, what questions you can ask of your data, which variables matter - and the likelihood of success of your project, all in advance.

Are the answers in your data?

Need to know if your data can support your business objective before you begin further analytical processes? This targeted analysis gives you the confidence that your data contains the information that describes your target. Using measures of information quality and consistency, Iris Pro evaluates your data’s ability to answer questions about your identified business objective or target.

What other questions can your data answer?

Have you invested time and resources collecting and formatting data for one objective, all the while wondering if that data could also support the analysis of other targets? Using the same measures as the targeted analysis above, Iris Pro identifies the best alternate target candidates within your data, to help identify what other business questions it can answer.

Which variables do you need to train your model?

Need to find the right variables for your model? Identifying variables that matter can be one of the most time-consuming task in the ML process, and training a model to only find out you missed the mark adds to that process. Iris Pro can quickly wade through 1000’s of variables to find the ones that are relevant to the target.  Now you start building models with the variables that matter from the beginning.

So, how smart is your data?

With Iris Pro, you will save time and money by only investing in projects when you know that your data will support your business objective, all in advance.