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Microsoft 365 Certified

The World’s #1 Unified Cloud Call Recording & Voice AI for compliance, sales & service performance

Securely and compliantly record calls with Dubber’s Unified Call Recording and Voice AI solution for Microsoft Teams. Dubber is fully certified for Microsoft Teams compliance call recording, and it’s in the Cloud, so you can turn it on with a click. Dubber enables customers to address critical compliance mandates, improve sales and service performance and unlock the potential of voice data at scale. Businesses in regulated industries such as banking, government, insurance, and financial services can now meet their legal and regulatory obligations for Microsoft Teams users in call centre, branch, and work-from-home environments simply, easily, and with confidence. Every call or conversation on Microsoft Teams is captured automatically, stored in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud, enriched with AI, and available instantly as a replay or insightful transcription in the Dubber web portal or mobile app, with real-time search, sentiment analysis, alerts & notifications.

End not know today with Dubber on Microsoft Teams:

- Meet regulatory compliance mandates, including HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, and more.

- Improve customer satisfaction with real-time customer insights from sentiment analysis, keyword search, notifications, and customer satisfaction reports.

- Boost productivity and performance with transcriptions to automatically create meeting notes and use them for training and coaching.

- Enrich CRM and other dashboards with easy integration of calls & transcriptions with Power BI, Dynamics, Salesforce, Tableau, Cognos, Google Data Studio and more.

- Eliminate high-cost, limited legacy call recording and expensive apps - subscribe to Dubber for a low monthly fee.

Make voice content discoverable to get the insights you need, powered by the world-leader in Unified Call Recording & Voice Data Intelligence.

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