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Duck Creek Insights, insurance analytics solution, Accelerate the journey from data to results

Accelerate the journey from data to results

Duck Creek Insights is an analytics solution that enables P&C insurers to use data as a strategic asset at the speed of business, empowering insurers to rapidly adapt core applications, capture and leverage data across and beyond their organizations, deliver the crucial information needed to execute intelligent action, and employ new decisioning methods.

Build a data-driven business

Duck Creek Insights promotes collaboration between business and IT to build strategies for engaging with, operating on, and leveraging data for creating competitive advantages and enhancing customer experiences. Insights’ capabilities are essential to healthy data programs – facilitating trust in data and increasing the speed to deliver value to your business

Enable better business decision making

Duck Creek Insights enables action where attention is needed with data visualization tools and data-driven workflows, resulting in better decisions in areas like identifying opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell, balancing portfolios with optimal risk profiles, segmenting risks for more profitable underwriting, and identifying fraud to lower the cost of claims.

Capitalize on opportunities with speed and efficiency

Duck Creek Insights leverages low-code configuration to increase business agility and empower business users to create and propagate data changes quickly and efficiently. The configurations that define your data strategy – mappings, data dictionaries, and rules – are insulated from our software code, which ensures upgradeability and lowers total cost of ownership.

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