Dynamicweb eCommerce for LS Retail

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Ecommerce with real time integration to LS Retaill

Dynamicweb's All-In-One platform brings the digital world together in one powerful platform.
It empowers you to deliver great customer experiences across channels by combining Web Content Management, Ecommerce, Product Information Management (PIM), and Marketing in a single platform. Dynamicweb supports the single language web shop or the global brand with support for multiple languages, currencies and sales tax.

A seasoned ecommerce platform that supports the online retail experience with impersonation, promo codes, gift cards, loyalty points, subscriptions and Buy X, Get Y.

Powerful User Segmentation to enable any marketing admin to create a targeted list of customers exhibiting shopping behavior, browsing behavior and behavior as a result of email marketing. This will consistently take money off the table and put it into your pockets.

Robust Content Management empowers content managers to not only incorporate all rich media and text but lay it out on the screen in a precise way without knowing any HTML.

The built-in PIM will allow your product team to aggregate product information in one place and enrich it with details that some channels require. Publish specific product information to your own B2B or B2C websites or to third party marketplaces.

Take on digital transformation by the horns with Dynamicweb today.

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