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DyoFleet: Our Driver App That Tackles The Greatest Challenges In Fleet Management

In fleet management, organizations must be able to proficiently oversee the performance of their commercial vehicles and be proactive with fleet maintenance. This ensures that productivity increases and businesses run smoothly without unnecessary delays.

However, properly managing a fleet of vehicles in today’s age is nearly impossible without software that helps fleet managers receive real-time visibility into their fleet. With DyoCense’s exceptional DyoFleet driver app, fleet managers often face challenges that are resolved with our IoT solution.

Fleet Management Challenges

Without the use of IoT technology, here is only a fraction of the setbacks that fleet managers must regularly deal with during their day-to-day operations:

  • Rising Fuel Costs: Fleets face the most significant challenge is the increasing fuel cost. Prices are constantly fluctuating, so fleet managers must be able to track their total fuel consumption and drive MPG to save on fuel and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Lack of Predictive Maintenance: Fleet vehicles operate best when given proactive maintenance. Without necessary software such as DyoFleet, no mechanism can discover minor or critical vehicle issues before they break down.
  • No Data-Driven Insights: Data-driven insights provide multiple benefits through the statistics captured from the fleet. Not having access to these insights results in managers being unable to receive fleet-specific recommendations that would help optimize their Return on Investment (ROI).
  • No Driver Behavior Data: Driver behavior data is necessary because it can capture steep idling times, aggressive driving behavior, and more. Suppose there are no reports that can fetch and store driving patterns. In that case, managers need to properly set unique fleet goals and make essential improvements that could ensure the safety of the driver and vehicle.
  • No centralized Dashboard and Reporting: When managing a fleet, not having access to automated reports in a centralized location creates unnecessary laborious tasks and prevents managers from taking actionable steps by seeing the data and metrics in real time.

The DyoFleet Solution

With DyoFleet’s driver app, we merge the physical and digital worlds to bring a top-notch solution in fleet management. Benefits include:

  • Cost-saving Fuel Management: Improve gas mileage and take immediate action through DyoFleet’s ability to track the total fuel consumption (including while idle) and the fuel consumption measured while driving. Save also through our predictive forecasting, which generates monthly and yearly fuel consumption reports.
  • Proactive Fleet Maintenance: With our data-driven insights, fleet managers can be aware of maintenance issues in real-time and take action. This helps businesses to save money on vehicle wear and tear, reduce downtime, and maximize the vehicle’s utilization.
  • Driver Metrics: Our driver metrics provide performance data and driver rankings, which creates a competitive environment among drivers. This helps to enhance drivers’ skills and reduce idle time, resulting in lower costs and higher engagement. Driver metrics can also empower drivers to make changes by pushing tailored coaching sessions. Managers can use a rewards-based system with our metrics, which can motivate and encourage driver participation.
  • Data Capture & Analysis: DyoFleet acquires the fleet data and runs analytics autonomously around the clock. Our software also offers enhancing tips and prompts that managers can utilize for constant improvement.

How Can DyoFleet Help Your Operation?

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