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DyoCense’s Smart Factory Solutions Optimize Production And Minimize Error

Manufacturers are often faced with the challenges of promptly meeting their customers’ evolving needs, as most factories are currently equipped with outdated technologies that interfere with reaching desired production times. With Smart Manufacturing, a component of Industry 4.0, older and newer technologies are combined with industry standards to optimize and automate production, reduce error, and generate high efficiency.

By merging the physical with the digital sphere, DyoCense provides the necessary building blocks to develop a customized solution for each factory’s needs.

As a manufacturer, using our technology solution has massive advantages:

    • All machine equipment can be connected to our technology despite its age or model.
    • Additional capacity can be unlocked through the radical alteration of the equipment.
    • Improvement is continuous and indicates results in real-time.
    • With real-time workflows, automation is improved based on accurate production data.
    • Costs are lowered, and profits are increased.

DyoCense’s intelligent factory solutions allow manufacturers to see current production data and be notified with critical predictive alerts. Dashboards placed throughout the production floors enable operators to monitor the real-time performance of jobs, improving.

    Job scheduling. Furthermore, DyoCense’s analytics reporting enables managers to help measure the overall effect of process enhancement and track efficiency while identifying bottlenecks or congestion points that critically slow down operations.

    With our innovative solution, manufacturers can accomplish the following:

      • A 40% increase in machine utilization and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) improvements of 40% or higher
      • Optimization of assembly processes is increased (10%-20%)
      • Design-to-market time is reduced (20%-50%)
      • Maintenance costs are lowered (10%-40%)
      • Risks to workers decline (up to 10%)
      • Operational yields improve (3%-5%)
      • Less downtime in the factory (30%-50%)
    These apparent benefits of utilizing our technology will create a powerfully efficient production environment to fulfill customers’ demands, decrease waste within the factory, and increase profits.

    To learn more or inquire about how we can help create a solution for your manufacturing plant, contact us today!

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