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ShookIOT IIoT End to End


Are you easily able to acquire, ingest, manage, and present all of your own data?

Our operational intelligence platform is a vendor-neutral architectural framework for acquisition, analysis, management and presentation of operational data. Our architects can work with your existing and planned IT assets to create a software platform to help grow your business.

Many vendors only communicate in their own specific systems/protocols making data acquisition extremely challenging. ShookIOT are experts in data acquisition and ingestion to bring together the solution together that meets your needs, regardless of vendor.

ShookIOT will help you develop or acquire the IIoT applications, products, and services important to your business. By leveraging your existing infrastructure and working within your requirements, we can provide the right solution for your organizational needs. ShookIOT can provide services to integrate data and information systems, from the shop floor to business systems. Our experience in automation and operational intelligence systems, and our understanding of operational needs, means that we understand what users need and how best to deliver a solution that meets those needs.

About Us:

ShookIOT’s team of consultants, developers and process control engineering experts in cloud technology, global connectivity and communication infrastructure are available to assist you through your journey of digital cloud transformation. We provide technology neutral Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions by leveraging over 100 years of combined industrial experience in automation and deriving value from the analysis of operational data. Our innovative IIoT leadership and technology bridges the gap between Operational Technology and Information Technology to elevate operational performance.