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ShookIOT Fusion Cloud Historian for IIOT


The premiere cloud historian for Microsoft Azure

Optimize Your Assets with ShookIOT Fusion™
The first ever native Microsoft Azure Cloud Historian for Big Data Analytics

ShookIOT Fusion Cloud Historian is a massively-scalable solution that allows customers to accelerate artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics.

Because of prohibitive pricing models, some industrial customers are storing less than seventy five percent of their data. With the Microsoft Azure platform and ShookIOT Fusion, all of their data can be securely stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

  • Reduce operating expenses and eliminate the cost of ownership for expensive servers and IT assets.
  • With the Microsoft Azure cloud, security is taken care of automatically
  • Data becomes more accessible than it was before at a fraction of the original cost.

ShookIOT Fusion is powered by ShookIOT Essentials - a powerful asset model that provides you with the framework to model processes, create digital twins, and perform analytics on your data that were not possible before.

Vendor neutral operational data model for all assets and equipment to make sense of your data.

  • Achieve operational intelligence with easy access to the required information: review past conditions, current conditions and predict future conditions on the assets with your industrial applications.
  • Rely on a single version of the truth about each of your assets with a vendor-neutral solution that consolidates your data into a complete picture of your information.
  • Completely scalable solution allows you to solve problems at the small scale, and then roll those solutions out to similar assets. A solution optimized for high volume and low latency.
  • Leverage the intelligence from your applications anytime, anywhere with a secure, cloud-based Microsoft Azure solution.
    Use international templates and analytics libraries to provide immediate context to all your assets. Understand the complex relationships between your assets for more accurate root-cause analysis.
  • By leveraging existing infrastructure, our asset model provides critical context to your data so that your operations and maintenance teams can view the data and their relationships the way it makes sense for their roles anytime, anywhere with new insight and to make business decisions.