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To enable your employees to book desks and schedule time at the office

What Is Evros Office Pass?

Flexible working is the new norm and office life is no longer what it used to be.

With eir evo Office Pass, you have the power to provide a flexible workspace for your employees that enables them to balance office and home life, while keeping themselves – and everyone else – safe.

eir evo Office Pass offers a native mobile experience for iOS and Android users by utilising Microsoft’s Power Apps platform, so your workforce has the power to quickly make, amend and cancel bookings on-the-go.

Social Distancing in the workplace made easy

Our Intelligent Proximity Engine allows for automatic desk allocation based on social distancing guidelines. So, if you book Desk A then we close Desk B and so on. The system will prioritise your favoured desks or find you the next best alternative depending on what’s available.

Make data driven decisions about your office space utilisation

eir evo Office Pass also offers comprehensive reporting that enables you to view real time data of desk occupancy and office capacity levels. Monitor how your workplace is being utilised over time, to make for a more efficient workspace.

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