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Flexxible IT drastically improves the adoption of digital workspaces across organizations

Improve digital workspace adoption across organizations through SmartWorkspaces and Apps2Digital


Only SMARTWORKSPACES integrates into your Azure with no need for extra services or external domains, giving you complete control and security.

SMARTWORKSPACES greatly simplifies Windows Virtual Desktop management and support with the automation of common processes that would otherwise require time-consuming manual intervention. With a single pane console for administration and support, SMARTWORKSPACES allows you to focus on delivering the best levels of service and the ultimate experience for your users.


An evergreen application lifecycle management platform, Apps2Digital covers everything related to application modernization, digital wellbeing and microapps automatic discovery
Our cloud service offers a clear and concise view of the application estate and allows you to quickly understand, manage, categorize and deploy each application in the most effective way, while using your existing software distribution platform. Apps2Digital enables you to integrate your app management within your environment, use your disaster recovery strategies, and allow you to implement desktop transformation, mergers or acquisitions and more.

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